Analysis of Weakness in My Leadership Style

Published: 2021-07-19 22:05:06
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Basic Understanding of Leadership
Leadership is not only about preaching. It is more of a practicing, applying and following of ideas to motivate the people. A good leader sets the example by doing himself, then the leader commands his followers to do the same. This approach makes employees to build a belief upon their leaders and they follow him.
Leaders are the driving force in the organization. They play a vital and different roles for the development and betterment for the organization. Leaders persuade employees for better performance, make and execute methodology and push the cutoff points of development. In order to know about the best skills and essential abilities that an effective and efficient leader must have in the organization, in such case leadership assessment plays a major role.It can access individual traits, the leadership assessment is able to evaluate the personality traits that tells which person can take up the responsibility of the leadership in an organization the assessment can evaluate the Competitiveness, Ambiguity acceptance, Risk approach, Curiosity to make strategies, and able to adjust in the stressful situations, etc.
Evaluation of Leadership
Leadership assessment can evaluate the trait of a person whether he will be the good leader or not. A good leader has the futuristic vision and knows how to turn his ideas into real world success stories. It can help adjust in working with subordinates or colleagues. It develops the empathy in leaders with their co-workers. Understanding the problems of the co-workers and feeling the pain, making a closer connection with them and motivating them to reach their high potential limits to accomplish the goal of the organization is the major role of leadership assessment.
Some Examples of Leaders and Their Leadership Skills
A good example of real leaders from our case studies are Coach K and Coach Knight. I think both of them were successful and effective but just believe in different principles. Coach K and Knight have been recognized many times in their career, and they have produced a lot of successful basketball players. Coach K believes a leader shouldn’t be a dictator or someone that will continue to enforce specific rules on people. He also thinks too many rules limit the strength and potential of people to showcase their best. Also, it doesn’t mean people will be disciplined. He believes coaches and players must have a stable relationship which can be achieved when people have the freedom to what they want. Coach Knight believes players must be thoroughly disciplined by setting some rules and guidelines which they need to follow; the standards are mandatory. He also thinks the players are always the reflection and product of their coaches which means players tend to adopt certain things from their coach. If a coach tolerates mistakes, players will make mistakes. If I need to pick one, it will be coach K. I agreed with his approach on leadership, mentor, and motivation. I believe freedom should be grant to people regardless of any situations or conditions.
My Opnion and Conclusion
In my personal opinion there are two main types of leaders. Leaders who are born with the natural gift of being a good leader and leaders who learn to lead as they mature. As of right now, I think I have a little of both. I came into the CarsAndMore with the knowledge and confidence to lead individuals and am currently learning how to better lead those individuals and motivate them to perform at their highest potential, because just after 1 year of working here I have 2 subordinates and just 3 colleagues which are on the same job position as me, so my team consists of 5 people. I am trying to learn everything possible from my director, from this life to lead the team and to be an effective leader and manager. I would not like not only to ask how and when I want to get something, I would like to ask what and why I need to do something. So from my personal experience Artur Zantman, the CEO of CarsAndMore Baltics & Managing Partner at FlexibleAutos is a big leader with a deep heart. The way he conducts himself and treats me and by buddies makes me want to follow him into anything. I hope to, one day, be half as good of a leader as he is. I personally feel that one of the major qualities a successful leader must have is the ability to see the situation from more than just their own personal point of view. To be able to sit down with your team and listen to what they have to say but still be able to keep an open mind to the situation. If you have a leader who jumps to conclusions without hearing anybody else’s thoughts on the topic the possibility for error and miscommunication is outrageous. If you have a squad leader who is so stubborn that the slightest but of suggestion or disagreement sends him into a fit of rage there will never be necessary trust and respect between him and his subordinates.
But there is some weaknesses in my leadership skills. Lack of experience and the inability to communicate with others tactfully and meaningfully are my biggest weaknesses as a leader. Otherwise, I have the organizations skills, the tenacity, and the brains to spear a project, but ifs all so worthless without the ability to coordinate well with others, though this was a problem that I was aware of at the beginning, I didn’t realize the potential it could have on my ability to lead until after a few weeks had passed. Being aware of the issue is a huge step towards compensating for it.

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