Smart Jacket for Coal Miners

Published: 2021-07-03 10:10:06
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According to the report of printmedia it has been reported that the total headcount who were dead due to natural calamitywere 136 in the world in past few years. So-cial media and print media have recorded andreported many deaths of coal miners in themine and rescue teams were helpless in thiswhole scenario, they neither knew the locationof miners in the coal mine and nor they knewminers are dead or alive in mine when any sortof disaster happens inside the mine. So af-ter looking at this death ratio the program hasbeen design to solve some of the major issuesof miners in coal mine. The design of smartjacket is to prevent solutions for coal miners.The wireless connection technology of devicewith smart phone is used to justify and takean overview on the situation of miner in coalmine. Useful and important data will be col-lected at maximum speed and through this datasituation, condition and location of miner willbe noticed to check the situation of mine andminer in underground coal mine and it can alsobe saved. Although, wireless connection sys-tem is very popular now a days, almost everydevice or machine is connected to android orIOS operating system phone and is operatedthrough mobile in just one click so keeping upthis flow of technology the smart device istalledin miner’s jacket would be controlled and man-aged by an Android application.
In todays world everything is temporary exceptchange and it is obvious that firms of now daysneed professionals who have multitasking capacity andhence our aim was to excel in such area where we canfind amalgamation of two or more than two techniquesand more over it may provide a community services inthis regard we found an area where we may help outthe firms in many different difficulties. Life is a bless-ing and in certain professions life of employees at highrisk. Like in mining there is a lot of risk of life ofworker under the mines because when the worker goesto mine for his work and in any sudden accident un-der the mine with the worker cause injury and alsodeath. In this regard we being a computer engineersuggest the embedded system design that may not pro-vide life to the worker but may remove the ambiguityand may guide them a lot in this manner. Severaltypes of mine tracking systems have been developedand many systems have been put into service world-wide. While talking about this program, everybodyknows that mine is a dangerous place to work but forthe safety of miners a wireless sensor system is de-signed to check the condition and location of minerand will also check the condition of mine and the areasurrounded by miner within the mine. Such a net-work can easily be used to track the position on min-ers underground. Wireless Senor Network can collectdata, send the alert messages to the miners in caseof emergency stating that the area is hazardous andhelping to track the miners even if they are lost insidethe mines.The system will be enhance the chances ofsafety of miners and it will be very helpful in many as-pect, miners can work fearlessly inside the mine withthe device.Literature Review
Zhongmin Pei [?] A distributed location algorithmfor rescue robot based on coal mine wireless sensornetworks is presented. Rescue robot places an impor-tant role when any severe disaster in underground coalmine happens. To locate and keep a track of minersworking in a well becomes an impossible completedmission once the well communication infrastructure isall destroyed due to the disasters such as fire dampexplosion. Wireless sensor networks, together withunderground mine rescue robot provide a potentialsolution for the challenges in terms of many uniqueadvantages of the wireless sensor networks like ran-dom deployments of nodes and network self-organizedmulti-hops. In this paper, a new coal-mining wirelesssensor network (C-WSN) is developed. We propose adistributed system architecture and an improved loca-tion algorithm for rescue robot based on radio signalstrength indicator (RSSI). The system design of monitoring system for coalmine safety constructed by MSP430F and nRF2401,and gives the hardware design of sensor nodes and theflowchart of software. The sensor groups of the sys-tem intensively monitor temperature, humidity andother parameters in the underground mine, param-eters measured are sent to wireless communicationmodule by the micro-controller. The system can beused to confirm the position of miners and monitor en-vironmental conditions in the underground mine, andalso can alarm automatically when environment pa-rameters are abnormal to exceed the limitation, whichhelp improve the level of monitoring safety productionand reduce accident in the coal mine.
The methane monitoring system for coal minesis capable of detecting apparent changes in the valueof the mine gas composition. It could provide guid-ance for coal miners to escape following the safestand fastest route while a mine disaster was occurring.In this paper, the coal mine network topology modelwas established. Furthermore, it is desirable to applyXML-based mechanism for data storage in order to en-hance the interoperability. In following, Gaussian puffmodel was built for the sake of simulating the processof methane gas diffusion with model parameters ad-justed according to the coal mine network topology.Application of this model was of great significance forrealizing the Markov-chain based simulation engine.The escape routes for coal miners were generated andoptimized using the Dijkstra algorithm. The experi-ment results suggest that the methane gas concentra-tion proved to be the major precursor indicating thegas emission hazard.Sri Ramakrishna We introduced the design of asmart jacket and proposed an integrated overall safetysupervision system of an individual miner with envi-ronment supervision based on WoT (Web of Things)and wireless sensor networks (WSN). We have madeuse of mainly ZIGBEE module and RFID technology.We have also combined the idea of position predictionof a person who is in the blind spot using the shortestpath principle using and the RFID technology. Theminer jacket consists of gas sensor, RFID tag, tem-perature and humidity sensor, negative pressure levelindicator, accelerometer and a LED (glows if they arein the dangerous area).
Proposed System Methodology
The smart jacket for coal miners is the device thatcan be easily worn on minors apparels. Jacket is themost common dress that the miners wear while work-ing in a coal mine. it is very usual that the device willbe attached inside the jacket of miners. The sensorsthat are implemented on board are very sensitive andare used for prototype and display of the project sothat people can understand the project easily and canuse for demo and for understanding.
Hardware instruments and installa-tion phaseArduino based project will be installed on a jacketand it will be concealed in the jacket. miner can easilywork in mine without any problem related to device.All the sensors will be connected to Arduino throughwires and connections of sensors to Arduino. it is verystrong so no disconnection can occur. Two gas sensorsare connected to Arduino board because there may bepossibility of hazardous gases present under the mine.If the miner accidentally enters a zone of hazardousgases buzzer will go off immediately due to hazardousgas sensors . A pulse sensor is connected to Arduinoto calculate the pulse rate of miner, it is very impor-tant because through pulse sensor we can monitor thecondition of miner. If the pulse rate of miner dropsit can cause serious sickness to the miner, pulse sen-sor will immediately show the pulse rate of miner andcondition of miner can be determined and rescue teamwill be informed simultaneously. The sensor has beeninstalled to find out the temperature of the miner’sposition. location tracking is the most valuable andpromising phase in the proposed system to make thesystem more enhanced and useful. With the help ofGPS the system i.e. mobile device will automaticallytrack the location . This is a rechargeable device con-nected with emergency power bank the device will beautomatically turned to power bank as the batterygoes down.
Software PhaseThere are some platforms on which Android appli-cation can be designed and developed. Android studiomakes the android development modern and little biteasy so developers can complete their task in a veryshort time. So, to see how this Arduino based systemworks an android application is designed. The appli-cation works as a tcp client socket and user have toenter an ip address of the router through which systemis connected. The application will be connected im-mediately to that device and will receive and recordthe reading of all the sensors which are installed onthe system. technician can check the readings and de-termine the condition of mine and miner as required2.3 Testing PhaseTesting of the projects can be done according tothe requirement at any place. As everyone knows thatfor coal mine project the user can test and examinethe project in a basement. It can be basement of anyplace. After the completion of project person wearinga jacket in which device is installed and go in the base-ment area of university, on the other hand person hold-ing a smart phone is connected to the system. Makesure that both devices and system must be connectedto same ip address and when phone is connected tosystem it will immediately determine the situation ofthe person wearing a jacket and also the temperatureof the basement area. All the readings and sensorssituation will be shown on the application.
Summary and Conclusions
The present underground Mines system can be pro-ductively substituted by this IoT safety system pro-posed in this paper. This IoT system enclosed theutmost Key and major feature of currently deployedFigure 1: Pulse rate of minerFigure 2: Temperature of surroundingmine workers safety. They have the danger frommethane, carbon monoxide and temperature. So theabove project provide a strong security for the peoplewho are working in the coal mines. the purpose of thispaper is to provide a solution for minners; a wirelesscommunication and safety monitoring. Here we haveto arrange our total circuit within the prototype toprovide safety to the person who is working in coalmine. It also alerts the person in case of emergenciesand also the supervision host. Thereby it providesan integrated overall supervision system in the coalmining industry. Additional safety is ensured by dataservers as record is easily retrievable
Future Enhancements
The system can be extended to more than one nodeto monitoring mine workers on different remote loca-tions by creating a network. As in todays market Ar-duino has its own software, we being project partnersof this project willing to suggest that one may go forInternet of Things(IOT) because it is the new tech-nology which is changing the world rapidly and whichmeans it will be beneficial for vendor to maintain theproduct.

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