Steven Spielberg's Movie Jaws: How Music is Used and Its Impact

Published: 2021-06-25 00:15:04
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The Effect of Music in the Movie Jaws
Music has always been noted as a powerful tool when it is utilized properly. Music can change set the mood, or even change the atmosphere. This is a particularly important property when it comes to movies. Music can set the tone of the movie and leave a resounding impact on the audience thereafter. One of the most infamous examples of the effects of music in a movie is the popular horror movie Jaws. Even if someone has not seen the movie, the famous music before the shark comes in is something they will probably recognize. The music in Jaws significantly boosted the success of the movie while leaving a resounding image of how powerful music in a movie can be.
Jaws forever engrained in its viewers minds the impact of music in a movie. Nothing is scarier than music that comes on right before the shark attacks. John Williams composed the music for the movie Jaws, and it was so good that he won an academy award for it. It is amazing to think about how much music affects a movie. Scholars have concluded that, “though typically experienced on an unconscious and unreflected level, this kind of music actively contributes narrative meaning in multimodal interplay with image, speech and sound effects Often, what we (think we) see is to a large degree determined by what we hear” (Wingstedt, Brändström, & Berg, 2010). From what the scholars said, it becomes clear that music affects our perception. The music in Jaws successfully creates the perception of a lurking predator about to jump on its helpless prey. It is truly terrifying and clearly impacted the popularity of the movie.The musical score in Jaws hugely added to the movie’s success. The music is recognizable by nearly everyone. Jaws has gone down in history as the first and greatest shark thriller movie. The director of the movie, Steve Spielberg, even admits that half of the movie’s success could be attributed to the musical score (Audissino, 2014, pg. 110). The music adds significantly to the thrill, and therefore, satisfies the audience who is looking for something thrilling.
The movie Jaws is a prime example of how impacting music can be for a movie. The musical score of Jaws creates a terrifying atmosphere that thrills its audience. Even the director of the movie admits the music greatly impacted the success of the movie. Thought the impact may be unconscious, it affects the way people perceive and view thing. People see what they hear. They know something is coming just by the music, and that is a terrifying thing. Thanks to the movie Jaws, there is concrete evidence of the how incredibly impacting music can be in movies.

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