The Christian Life: Joy Or Holy Discontent

Published: 2021-07-02 06:30:05
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As a Christian, I have known the joy, peace, and love that the Holy Spirit gives. But there are times when I am confronted with my own and the world’s sin and am disappointed, angry, and filled with a holy discontent. Although these emotions may seem contradictory, they are a blessing. As a Christian, I know that I need God’s saving grace and am filled with thanksgiving for my salvation. Realizing that I am a sinner and my only hope is that Jesus Christ is my savior, I want to live with a deep gratitude for His saving grace. This gratitude leads me to serve God in all aspects of life, from home, work, school, and the community at large. This call to action is caused by acknowledging God’s love for me and my desire to witness to the world of this fantastic truth.
The mission statement of Trinity Christian College states that “God calls each of us to participate together in spreading His kingdom. We equip students to understand how their talents, knowledge, and calling add to this community and how they can boldly carry that with them into God’s world. ” The task of equipping students to witness to the world calls for a holy discontent. Witnessing is not only the desire to save others, but it is foremost the desire to focus the desire of this world to God and His glory. When understanding the glory of God is disregarded, it gives Christians more boldness.In the community, I have had the opportunity to volunteer for over four years at a service outreach called Mission Vida Nueva. This outreach helps feed and clothe those in need but also helps feed souls with Bible lessons for all ages. I have seen how reaching out to those in need is a blessing to others, but I too feel blessed. My myopic views of life are refocused and seeing God’s glory is clear. I have also had the opportunity to work for our local State Assemblywoman. Working in a world of politics and government has given me a vision of how government and other institutions work. Knowing that all authorities have been established by God, public service is called to help those in need and to be used for God’s glory. Although my position as an intern was limited, I was challenged to change my beliefs about homelessness. The whole world is fallen and as Christians, we are to be witnesses of God and help those in need. The problem of homelessness will never go away, but with effort, we can relieve those in need and more importantly, show them, Christ.
At school, I try to serve God by being in the Student Council and being the Senior Class President. These positions have allowed me to work with students, teachers, and staff members to bring about changes in chapels, social activities, and increase school spirit. This year I am the team captain of the football team. This is an honor but also very challenging because we have a non-Christian coach. Working with other seniors, we have made a point to pray, read the Bible, encourage, and guide one another. Through this effort, we have become a closer team than I have experienced in the past and we keep our focus on the true prize- the worship of God.
A holy discontent may require us to stand up even to our best friends. Two years ago, two of my friends wanted to use marijuana because they were feeling bored. Having heard my mother’s stories of her cousin’s use and death due to drugs, I was alarmed and angry. I spoke to them about how marijuana may not lead them to harder drugs, but the sin of boredom and selfishness would. I asked them how they would feel if their fathers become bored with their mothers. This question convicted one of my friends and within time, the other also repented. Confronting my friends caused a wide rift in our relationship that is still healing today. However, I am thankful that the Holy Spirit gave me the courage to confront sin. Fighting the world’s sin is challenging but talking to friends about sin is daunting.
Looking forward to the future, I desire a career in Forensic Science for either local law enforcement or the FBI. Shadowing a forensic scientist at his laboratory and in the courtroom, I was struck how sinful man is. Watching him testify in a multiple rape case and seeing the depravity of man, I was provoked to action. As Christians, we must be willing to testify to a lost world and with a holy discontent show God’s glory to a broken world. To pursue this goal, I wish to be part of a challenging academic environment. Receiving a Christian perspective of biology and chemistry will help me gain a better sense of the great Creator. Although the laboratories at a large state university may be more impressive, I never want to lose sight of what is truly impressive- the creating work of our Lord. With the academic rigors of Trinity Christian College, I know I will be well equipped to succeed in my chosen career or wherever the Lord leads me.
Being a child of God, I know that I will continue to grow in faith and be used by God for His purposes. With the assurance of salvation, no matter the circumstances, I am called to be content in His promises. With direction from professors, chapels, Bible studies, and friends I hope that as Proverbs 27:17 states, “Iron sharpeneth iron; so, a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. ” Seeking good counsel and friends, I hope that I can encourage and be encouraged in my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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