The Comparison of Contrasting Sides of High School and College

Published: 2021-07-31 21:50:08
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Everyone should get a good education in their lives. In order to do this, there needs to be schooling involved. People should go to high school and college as they are very important when it comes to getting a career that is best for each person. College is more challenging than high school due to a large workload, the price, and the many distractions that come with it.
A large difference I’ve noticed between college and high school is that the workload is definitely far larger than it is in high school. The topics are complicated and the learning is much more fast-paced. While a student doesn’t have to know everything in their high school classes, it is very important that a student knows the class material in college. If a college student taking medical classes doesn’t understand the information, they’re not going to make a very good nurse/doctor. A college student has to know their stuff. Keep in mind though, college classes aren’t instantly harder to do well in. It is more difficult to keep up with, but if a student really tries they can do it. Students just need to take advantage of the help the college provides (such as tutoring and study groups).Another difference between college and high school is the cost. College is, without a doubt, very expensive. Where high school is required and free, college is a choice and lots of money. At college there are registration fees, tuition fees, and (if one so chooses) room and board fees. At colleges and high schools you’d pay to go to sporting events and that’s the extent of similarities in cost. College definitely is expensive when compared to high school. 3 more
I’ve noticed that going from high school to college is that the amount of distractions increase drastically. In high school you see your friends (or boyfriend) every day at school. In college you never get to see those people, so instead of studying you go and visit them. If a student lives on campus, there are millions of ways to get distracted. Colleges have special events, there’s a cute guy you want to impress, or you think your dorm room is messy and needs to be cleaned. If a student’s roommate has anyone over, there’s no space to study in private, or if your roommate is trying to sleep, you can’t leave the light on and keep him/her up. Lastly, colleges have parties. It’s just a fact, and a good college student is going to have to learn to stay focused on their studies instead of going out and having fun. In college students need to have more control over themselves.
High school and college is necessary to someone who wants a great career. Everyone should be able to attend high school and college. People should see that the importance of going to college and high school are similar, but they should also see the differences when it comes to workload, grading, and cost. College is more challenging than high school due to such a large workload, the cost, and the distractions that are constantly around a student.

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