The Dark Side of the All-american Meal

Published: 2021-07-04 17:00:05
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Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal is an exceptional novel based around the fast food market. Eric Schlosser makes many claims that appeal to both logic and emotion. Each claim is meticulously explained and backed up by various studies from multiple sources.
For example in last chapter of the first section, “Success”, Schlosser compares and contrasts the old days of franchises and the new days using facts, studies, and statistics to back up his claims. He wrote about how successful people may be if they were to invest in a franchise, how franchises nearby compete with each other, and the cost of it all. In this case he focuses on the life of Dave Feamster, an NHL player. The chapter goes through the mindset of Dave Feamster and what expenses he took on for franchising. He also goes into even more detail about Ray Kroc’s life, the founder of McDonald’s, and how he went through franchising and how he became so successful in what he does. He also explains the finances and about how much franchising really costs, what risks you are taking when you invest into a franchise such as Carl’s Jr.’s versus a smaller franchise, and really all of the numbers and percentages, for example, on pg. 98, Schlosser writes, “Today it costs about $1.5 million to become a franchisee at Burger King or Carl’s Jr… Gaining a franchise from a less famous chain such as Augie’s, the Chicken Shack, etc. can cost as minimal as $50,000. This appeals to the logical standpoint with hard numbers and straight statistics. Another way Schlosser appeals to his audience is through emotion. With the subject of fast food, he must talk about the commercial industry, specifically with how large-scale companies treat their livestock. Schlosser himself visits a slaughterhouse and describes the experience morbidly, “Now the cattle suspended above me look just like the cattle I’ve seen on ranches for years, but these ones are upside down swinging on hooks… And then I see a few hind legs still kicking, a final reflex action, and the reality comes hard and clear.”
Schlosser’s choice of words implants a disturbing image into the readers’ heads. Schlosser also has a way to both appeal to the audience’s logical and emotional side with claims such as, “roughly two-thirds of workers at the beef plant in Greeley cannot speak English. Most of them are Mexican immigrants … They share rooms in old motels, sleeping on mattresses that cover the floor….” A statistic which states that the majority of the workers live in the poorest conditions really enlightens the readers and gives them an idea of how those workers live life everyday.
Overall, Schlosser creates bold claims and statements with his novel Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. Schlosser has successfully published a book with solid claims and arguments that are all carefully backed up by not only studies, and statistics, but his own experiences, going out of his way to research himself.

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