The Deep Web: the Place on the Internet Where All the Useless Information Lies

Published: 2021-06-25 23:35:04
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The internet consists of a more discrete section known as the deep web. This part of the internet is assumed to contain about 99% of the entire content published on the internet. The massive size attributed to what exists in this section of the internet is what contributed towards its title ‘deep.’ Despite being believed to be larger than the surface internet by more than 500 times, the deep web is not as easy to access as the surface internet (Bin 95). Furthermore, most of the traditional search engines cannot even access it. Currently, even the world’s most popular search engine, Google can only index less than 0.04% of the internet, the remaining portion is what makes up the deep web. It is so anonymous that even its users can only use it anonymously. The anonymity associated with the deep web has resulted in varying opinions on its safety, content, and the transactions being done through it. This research will aim at addressing how skewed the media and news sources have made the deep web seem to be.
How I Arrived at This Topic
The idea of research on this topic dawned on me when I was watching “Scorpion,” a television show that is based on the life of a computer expert called Walter O’Brien. The television series is about a group of brilliant-minded individuals who use their excellent comprehension of human behavior, statistics, and mechanics to help the Department of Homeland Security to counter the high-tech threats brought about by the computer age. More interesting, however, is how in one of the episodes they mention the deep web. A 10-year old child is arrested by the US government for playing an online computer game on the deep web. The USA government state that the game contained secrets that would be harmful to the country if it were to land in the hands of criminals and terrorists. The deep web seems to have a direct connection to my major, Computer Engineering and is, therefore, an appropriate topic for this research.Why This Topic is Interesting
Few people know of the existence of a dark face of the internet known as the “deep web.” For those who know about it, most of are too scared even to consider trying to use it or to learn more about it. The reputation made by the media and news sources about the deep web is that of a dangerous place where illegal activities occur (Haaszf 360). However, it is interesting that some good products appear to prop up from the deep web; for instance, Bitcoin. The developer (or group of developers) for this cryptocurrency remains anonymous to date despite the popularity of his work; Bitcoin is the currency most widely used in the deep web (Grossman, “The Deep Web”). It promotes the anonymity of the deep web. This much mystery, as well as good that seems to be surrounding the deep web, is what makes it an interesting topic to research on.
My research paper aims at discussing the deep web while seeking to differentiate it from the open/surface web clearly. The research will also discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the deep web. Additionally, the research paper will seek to explain why people enjoy the anonymity of using that web as well as why the government has not been able to solve this anonymity.
Plan of Action
More scholars are showing interest in the deep web. As a result, several journal articles have surfaced due to that interest. These journal articles and books should provide me with sufficient information required to complete my research in line with the objectives highlighted above. Below is an overview of the sources I will use.
Overview of Sources
One of the sources is “The Deep Web” by Grossman. This source will be useful in determining the government’s involvement in the deep web. It will also describe how and why Bitcoin is used in this deep web. Another source is “Accessing the Deep Web” by Bin. This source will help in differentiating the deep from the surface web. The article will also help to highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of the deep web.

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