The Defunding of Planned Parenthood

Published: 2021-08-04 01:25:05
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Category: Human Rights

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Planned Parenthood is a federally funded program that provides individuals with accessible healthcare for people of all levels of wealth. Even though Planned Parenthood does offer abortion under certain circumstances, that is all politicians want to believe. Anti-abortion politicians do not support Planned Parenthood because of that opportunity and choose to completely forget all the other health benefits that PP offers. Politicians such as Mike Pence and Tom Price have been actively trying to shut down the government funding for Planned Parenthood, leaving many people that need the benefits at risk of their health and lives. These anti-abortion Americans and politicians like to argue that Planned Parenthood is “murderous” and “heartless” while the opposing side sees it is as an opportunity for lower-class citizens to receive the health care that they need. At the moment, there is a lot of controversy between government parties, and are still trying to conclude.
The trade-off for defunding Planned Parenthood would be that the government would be sacrificing the lives of their citizens by taking away the health care in return for more money if they defund the program. Planned Parenthood would have to sacrifice many health offers due to the lack of funding they would obtain and in return, would most likely receive more active supporters if they were to be in danger of closing due to the immense amount of demand it has been receiving recently.The costs of defunding Planned Parenthood would be the lives of citizens all across the nation not being able to access the health care they need to survive. Planned Parenthood offers Medicaid, Title X, birth control, STD screenings, cancer tests, and female exams to people who could not usually afford these. Lives would be at stake since they cannot afford it anywhere else and would not be able to be properly tested so they can obtain the correct actions to help themselves. Another cost would be the financial effects that this would have on low-income citizens. Planned Parenthood is an opportunity for people like them to come to for help and guidance but they would not be able to access these health benefits if it was defunded. If they were to defund PP, low-income citizens would have to pay much higher prices for the tests and products that they need. This would result in people being in debt or having even less income than they did before.
The benefits of defunding Planned Parenthood would be that the government would have more money to spend on other things since they do not have to worry about funding Planned Parenthood anymore. They would be able to use it for other benefits/programs. Another benefit would be that the land used for Planned Parenthood would be used for other convenient places or outlets. There would be more opportunities for businesses to open up somewhere.
I do not agree with the choices of anti-abortion politicians such as Mike Pence and Tom Price because they are simply putting their religious beliefs over the lives of citizens across the nation. Both women and men of all incomes should be able to access the benefits of health care so they can live healthy life. People and politicians have been trying to defund Planned Parenthood for years with absurd evidence that turned out to not be true or effective. All the evidence used has been determined as heavily edited and DIRECTED by many Republicans and anti-abortionists. Planned Parenthood has won these trials through its investigators. However, abortions even rarely happen in Planned Parenthood and the staff even gives heavily counseling just in case the carrier has second thoughts. Their main goal is to provide affordable health care for low-income patients. The government defunding Planned Parenthood would only conclude that they do not care for the people who are in low-income classes and don’t care for their healths or well beings. 

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