The Evolution of Disease and Men’s Survival

Published: 2021-07-06 08:35:05
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Disease has been around since the existence of biological life forms, which bids a question what is disease. Is it as basically defined, a disorder of structure or function, especially by producing symptomatic effects of specificity in human, animals or plants not as a direct result to physical injury, which is to differ? Disease is caused by various different microbes, from viruses; which rank as the deadliest disease causing agents out of which fungi and bacteria are the most common. It seems that the purpose of disease is to destroy other life forms (animals/plants), partly true but like all animals and plants the need for reproduction and survival comes first. Even Since before man walked this earth his waged a war with the microbial world and thus different animals and plants have developed different mechanism to defend themselves from microbial disease, either by gaining immunity to complete resistance and eradication of disease-causing microbes in one of the greatest evolution of science and medicine.
Though man is the only animal that has taken a direct approach to defend him from diseases, but despite all our technological advancements today it seems that diseases are only getting more deadly and humans have contributed to this. Moreover in1967, Mabeury Germany, German scientists testing polio vaccines on monkeys die from a disease that would be later on called Marburg hemorrhagic, recently Zedov i. e. Ebola (whose vaccine is recently developed) has average fatality rate of 83% and same data is available for rabies, chicken-flu as well as bird-flu (H5N1). According to literature survey in 1954, 500,000 pounds of antibiotics were produced in the United States which is now increased to 40,000,000 pounds annually. However, the rate of emerging disease and their impact can now affect large segments of the world population at an increasing rate, and we need to be increasingly aware of the implications for human population around the globe.

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