The Experience of Violence in My Life

Published: 2021-07-15 04:20:06
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Violence, it has taken over our world and our minds. Every day we fight, someone on earth fights another of our own kind. Somewhere on Earth, a war goes on. Why? Why do we fight to solve our problems with violence? Why do we shoot, stab, punch, and kick each other I have experienced it first hand, mostly it comes from the youth group because they are in their prime years, but that’s not the point, the main reason is that it has shaped the world today, it has changed my life also I have seen it, watched it on the news, and done it.
The biggest way is that when I learned about ww1 and ww2 and in that time that they drafted kids as old as 16 into the army, and all just to say I won. I was in shock, I could not believe that they would put boys not men but boys into a forced life or death situation just to win. My friends have gotten into a fight before, and at first my idea of fighting was a little pushing and shoving but oh boy was I wrong. I had all ways wondered “why do people fight” well a lot of people do it for fun take the UFC and the MMA. But the most important thing is it’s mostly the youth group that fights and some kids get locked up for a LONG time for fighting.Well, fighting, well it’s like a drug to some people they say it gets your adrenaline pumping and your blood going. It does all of those things but it, in reality, can destroy your body and the others around you. Fighting has impacted my life as well as the others around me. I think we can stop fighting for good my idea is we put some kind of laws or punishments for fighting and instead of war we can I don’t know to play a sport to decide. Now, this is how fighting impacted my life. I have previously mentioned this story the fight with my friends. They got into a fight with a kid not with each other. it was a normal day, after school, we got to the park and one kid started to throw wallnuts at us we told him to stop but he did not listen then after a while he started to throw rocks at us.
None of us liked it at that point my friends fought back I only saw half of it because I left to go hang out with my other frinds. But when my friend Gavin came running around the corner. He told me that they were throwing punches and I ran over he was not lying my friend held them back and they broke it up. It was not that bad of a fight but it showed me how relentless people can be in a fight. This is how fighting has impacted my life it can be caused by some of the smallest things to like jellesoy, anger, and fear this was how fighting has impacted our lives.

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