The Need for Development in Health Care System

Published: 2021-07-09 13:15:05
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It is highly beneficial for the modern society that the scientific technology is developing in such a fast pace. But with pros comes cons. It is true that scientific development has benefited the mankind a lot but it has also increased the complexities in the human activities. A good amount of services have been rendered to the mankind by the medical science. The main goals of the health professional are the preservation of life, and the cure of the disease. But victory or defeat of any system depends on its personnel. So it is upto the professionals and other people who are a part of the medical field to make it a success.Just like the education system, charitable institutes may also help in flourishing the medical system. Apart from this state must pay some attention towards this field. Health care must be approachable and inexpensive to all, especially in a country like ours where a number of populations are poor and illiterate and they are in need of medical attention. Development in health care is of no benefit until it is reasonably accessible by common man.
People who face economic problems have to be got ridden of their miseries. They mostly approach the government hospitals which have resulted in the overload on these hospitals of public sector. Private sector has become commercialized and provides services for such a high price that most of the population cannot afford. There was a time when people use to go to a normal physician known to them for treatment but now there is a high demand of specialist. Due to increase in the number of specialists, people are facing issues as to whom to approach. Not only has this but it also created monitory problems for the patient.The worst part is in spite ensuring that that there may not be any further cases of negligence the doctors and other medical practitioners are more interested in getting themselves secured. Practitioners are more concentrated on safeguarding their profession instead of improving their service quality. This kind of practice might secure them financially for the time being but will ultimately cause problems for their own profession and is equally dangerous for the life and health of the patients. Due to the increase in the cases of medical negligence both patient and doctor may face troubles. Patience has a risk of life and health and doctors have the risk of losing their trustworthiness. Because of this at times the bona fide doctors may also have to face legal charges.

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