The Real Cost of Healthy Eating

Published: 2021-07-10 11:55:04
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What is the most important idea of one’s life? Is it family? Is it love? Is it living in full health? One may never know what their true potential is and may be. However, wherever the journey may lead the body is always precious, tender as it holds life. From a newborn baby to a grown woman. The body has allowed for wounds, and scars, and sickness. It is a temple for energy to create moments and experiences beyond those unthinkable. One step to care for the body and tend it like growing trees, is to simply eat healthy. Now that may sound simple, almost too easy, yet for most it is not. Throughout many occurrences, healthy eating has been collected as making nutrient-rich food choices from all groups (Healthy Eating).
Although, eating healthy is not always open to everyone due to economic concerns, land degradation, and culturally imposed eating habits. With healthy produce and quality foods -such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes- the market has peaked its way into providing expensive trips to the grocery store for low-income families. For a traditional family of four living in poverty and obtaining low wages, it is very common to eat non- home cooked meals. In replacement of what would be a healthy plate, fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s have gotten into the hands of families who cannot afford a decent meal. Therefore they are required to rely on high fat and low nutrient carbohydrates. These fast food chains provide inexpensive, quick, and uncomplicated foods for an entire family, making it a convenience for low- income families.According to The Nutrition Source by Harvard’s Public School of Health, it summarizes that by eating a healthy diet rich in “vegetables, nuts, fruits, and fish”, a person can spend “550 dollars more per year. That amount would equal to “one dollar and fifty cents more per day, per person” (Eating Healthy). However, even if healthy food is available and affordable in most markets, it won’t target people in low-income homes to buy these foods due to their cultural food beliefs and habits. Often the way a person grows up eating will affect their food choices as adults. For example, in many countries eating large portions of meat throughout every meal is considered to be healthy. It is known that meat contains high protein needed for the body, that can help build muscle.
Although, eating too much meat has been linked to cause heart disease, cancer, obesity, and strokes. These norms sometimes overestimate foods like meats, fats, and complex carbohydrates which are good for the body, but to a certain extent. By overestimating these foods, the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and nuts as well as fish become less of an intake throughout meals.

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