The Relation of the Facilities Used by Resident and Non-resident Students with Their Academic Performance: Literature Review

Published: 2021-07-16 20:40:06
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Research shows that staying in hostel give more advantages to students than staying outside the campus. According to the article of Muslim, Karim, & Abdullah (2012), research on the impact of on-campus living satisfaction on student development has constantly revealed that students’ chances of persisting to graduation are greatly improved by staying on campus. They have a positive living and learning experiences. Li et al. in Thomsen (2008) has make an investigation on student satisfaction with their current living arrangements in the on-campus hostel for those who are planning whether to live on-campus and whether to move off-campus for next year. Li et al. in Thomsen (2008) found that there are positive predictors of coming back to the on-campus hostel the following year. The reasons are: (a) capability to be on a dining plan; (b) chances to involve in leadership, (c) location is not far to campus, (d) capability to choose where to live, (e) academic support provided, and (e) high-speed internet connection. Khozaei et al. (2010) has conducted a research that students choose to stay on-campus because of its convenience, including walking distance to lecture halls, no need to wake up too early for a morning class and also the convenience of taking a shower between classes or going back to the hostel to get a forgotten item.
According to the article of Bakar, Wahid, & Amin (2016), in Mawar College of UiTM, students of Architecture have lack of times to involve in College activities particularly during night time due to their programme requirements. When these students are needed to stay back until late night restrict them from participating in the College activities as most College activities are running in the night. Similarly, the college administrator also already stated that as most of Sport Science students were busy with their training schedules with National Sports Council, they were unable to take part in some of college activities. The students of Arts and Education programme are monopolised the most creative arts or performance. To some extent, College Representative Committee (JPK) need to invite the participation of group of non-residential students in some of the activities.Next, another article by Iftikhar & Ajmal (2015), said that students staying in hostels face many difficulties and hurdles such as financial problems, adjustment issues, personal helplessness, distress, changes in eating and sleep habits, and many other issues. Empathy, altruistic behavior, emotional stability will be more in hostel students which the students can get an opportunity for the socialization activities among students in the hostel environment.
According to the article of Afful-broni (2010), there will be a significant relationship between students’ academic performance and facilities of residential and non-residential students. The improvement of students’ academic performance (GPA) may resulted by the increasing or improvement in academic facilities and residential facilities. This may be due to the fact that academic facilities such as library, lecture halls, computer laboratories may be of utmost need to them since it is there that they seek for information and have group teachings and discussions as students are on campus and some staying around campus. Also, if they are not comfortable with the facilities in the halls and hostels, it will not be of help to them. The facilities such as the beds, toilet, bathroom, chair etc in the residents bring some comfort to them so whether they are in good shape or not may affect how students learn in increasing their academic performance. This finding is therefore consistent with Fabiyi and Uzoka (2009), Adedipe (2007) and Earthman (2002).

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