The Role of Social Media in Today's World

Published: 2021-07-06 14:55:05
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In today’s world social media plays an important role in our life. There are so many platforms where you can share your message and photos to your friend .If you are aware of the social platform like facebook , instragam then you must be aware of snapchat. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown developed the new multimedia messaging app called Snapchat in the year 2011. It is one of the social platform where by the use of this app people can easily send and share their pictures with their friends using different fliters available. The main concept of the snapchat is that after receiving the picture from the sender it will automatically removed from the receiver within 10 seconds. It has also become the platform where people can share their private message with each other without any security threats. Roughly 150 million people used snapchat in the daily basis. Most of the user of this app are teenager between the age of 12 to 24 .
We are in this 21st century where technology plays vital aspect where are our each activity is tracked and traced . We have to think twice before using any of the app because our small activities are traced. But snapchat stand out in this field as the message disappear automatically without any traced. And it is easy to signup also it just asked for your email address, date of birth and password. You can choose your unique username. Every year snapchat is adding new features in the app like in the year 2014 it added the videochat option where can communicate with each other face to face . In the same year it added the geofilter which allow specific graphic overlay as city and destination. One of the special feature of this app which make unique from other app is that with the help of this user can send and receive money through each other through private message. The latest addition to this is story where user can post their videos and pictures which is available for 24 hours.In the recent year snapchat has been in the news for various reason weather it’s the statement made by the CEO i.e snapchat is only for the rich people not for the poor people and doesn’t want to expand in the poor countries like India and Spain. It faced many backlash from these countries. Snapchat is used globally not only in USA but people all over the world these app due to its unique feature by these degrading comment about other countries it will loss its own users which wont be beneficial for the country. Or a recent Rihana controversy due to which she urged her fans to delete the snapchat. Despite its unique features it has its own flaws though the text and photo will be deleted within 10 seconds there is always option of screenshots with all the smart phones. Despite all the controversy surrounded it is still the third most used app .As it is the time constrain there will be urgency for the receiver to view your message quickly so you don’t have to wait for their reply for long period of time.
One of the problem faced by this app is it focused more on the teenagers but now in this modern society not only young people but people of all generation have a smart phone with them.Thorough my observation about the company today’s it market is facing problem to sustain in the market because most of the other app are coming with the same feature which snapchat have. There is no growth for the company they don’t have the plan to sustain in the competitive market. All other company are coming with so much idea to engage users and obtain their existing users. It fail to live up the expectation of the users. There is certain drop in the snapchat users. If it doesn’t come with any unique and sustainable plan it will be very hard for them to survive in this market where the competition is really tough and one has to come with new ideas each and everyday.

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