The Similarity Between Greek & Genesis Cultures

Published: 2021-07-05 22:40:05
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Every myth starts with a creator in the beginning of time. In the Greek culture there was a myth that talked about Prometheus, a titan who created the humans out of clay and stood up for his people. While in the Genesis there was God who created Adam and Eve which started the creations of humans. In both stories there were many similar traits such as both having a creactor and both worshipped their creators in some way.
One similarity for both Greek and Genesis is that each creator for these were kind and worried for their creations. One of the quotes used in the Prometheus myth was Prometheus’s proud heart flooded with rage, and the clever Titan now prepared to go forth to the home of the gods on Mount Olympus in order to steal fire for his frail creatures.” This quote shows how Prometheus is trying to show his kindness towards the humans by trying to give the humans fire to help them and knowing that he could be put in danger for stealing fire for them. While in the Genesis myth, God showed he was kind because in the Genesis story God said. Have many children, so that your descendants will live all over the earth and bring it under their control. I am putting you in charge of the fish, the birds, and all the wild animals. I have provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for you to eat.” This shows how God was worried for the humans so he helped them with many skills just like Prometheus did. This shows that the humans of these myths owe their creator so the humans in Greek culture wore rings to represent the chains that Prometheus had to deal with for sticking up for the humans. While the humans in the Genesis myth took Sunday to worship God. The humans felt like they owe their creators so they did small things to show their acknowledgment towards them.
A difference between these two cultures/myths were that the Greeks had multiple gods while in Genesis there is only one god. In the myth the author said “Mortals too have worn rings on their fingers in memory of the suffering that their great creator and benefactor endured for their sake.” This shows how the humans worshipped Prometheus but the Greeks also showed their loyalty to Zeus by sacrificing the richest ox meat towards their ruler in the myth. While in Genesis the humans showed that there is only one god. The myth Genesis talks about how God took off the 7th day of the week and now the humans worship God on Sunday.
Both cultures had a god that they worshipped but the Greek culture had multiple gods, while Genesis has one main god. This shows that the Jewish people during the time thought of God as a very important figure if they are willing to take a whole day just to worship him. While the greeks were also very religious considering they were willing to give up their best meat to someone rather than keep it for themselves.
One thing that I learned about creation myths is that both cultures have a greater being that the humans worshipped. This shows that both cultures looked up to the gods and shows their acknowledgement towards them by sacrificing meat or taking a day off to worship the god. The values have changed over to recent times such as people still wearing rings but not for the same purpose as Greeks did. Another value is Christians taking off Sunday to worship God just like Jewish people did back then. This shows that values even from thousands of years ago can still relate to our time now.

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