The Step by Step Process of Receiving Statistical Relevant Data When Conducting a Research

Published: 2021-06-25 21:35:04
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Research Study
The research study consists of the data collection, data analysis, testing hypothesis, summary of findings, future strategy implements, and recommendations. The objectives were fulfilled through data collection and data analysis, which answered what were the causations that resulted in a decrease in the number of consumers globally, and what recommendations, would be given to improve the customer service of Apple Inc.
Data Collection
Data was collected from a sampling from 34 subjects. These subjects were pervious or present consumers of Apple Inc., and some were Apple Inc. employees. The surveys included a series of questions that asked the subjects their interpretations on why and if they have seen a decrease in the number of Apple Inc. consumers globally (O’Grady, 2009). Other than questionnaires, primary data was collected through observation and secondary data was obtained through literature review. The data obtained was used to fulfill the objectives mentioned previously.Data Analysis
Of the 34 subjects, it consisted of 25 females and 9 males. Age was also considered and was categorized as 18-25, 25-32, 32-39, and 39 and above, as seen in figure 1.
Figure 1: Number of respondents conducted against age.
Source: Field Work (2015)
The following chart signifies the level of occupation of each subject. This information is useful in that it can assist the researcher in knowing the type of consumers who purchase Apple Inc. products, and to know who is the target group. Figure 2 reflects the occupations of each respondent in the sampling, which consisted of students/pupils, farmers, civil servants, retirees, the self-employed, and the unemployed.
Figure 2: Occupations of Respondents. Source: Field Work (2015)
Table 1 illustrates the usage of Apple Inc. products from the respondents. This data aids the researcher to determine how frequent the respondents use their Apple products. According to table 1 and figure 3, it can be seen the frequent usage of the products is declining.
Table 1. Frequency of Use of Apple Inc. Products on a Sample Size of 34.
Frequency Number of respondents N=34 Percentage (%) of respondents N=34
Daily 3 9
Weekly 5 15
Yearly 25 73
No Use 1 3
Figure 3.Frequency of Use of Apple Inc. Products on a Sample Size of 34.
Source: Field Work (2015)
Testing Hypothesis
The testing research hypothesis is stated that there is a decrease in the number of Apple Inc. consumers. The hypothesis was founded to support with the evidence collected and analyzed, thus, it was proven true that there is a decrease in the number of Apple Inc. consumers.
Summary of Findings
Based on the data that was collected, it can be deduced that Apple Inc. is seeing a lost of clients. Consumers who are 39 years of age and older, are found to have the lowest usage of Apple products (Linzmayer, 1999). Price plays a big factor when one is trying to decide to buy a product, and because of the high price of Apple Inc. products, this has been unappealing to some consumers. High competition globally, has caused Apple Inc. to develop high quality products, thus price is also increases with quality. Fellow competitors in other countries, such as Japan and China, have taken the initiative to produce products of high quality, but selling at a lower price compared to Apple Inc.
Secondly, those respondents that had varying education levels, state that privacy has become a large issue with Apple Inc. products.In recent years, Apple has produced products that can detect the location of its users, thus consumers find that this is an invasion of privacy and refrain from purchasing the products (Dormehl, 2012).
Along with different education levels, the questionnaire was also conducted on those with varying occupations. The majority of the unemployed state that they do not purchase Apple Inc. products because the high price, and do not have the disposable income to spend on nonessentials given their current living condition. Others claim that when an Apple Inc. product is damaged, it is hard to find an Apple store that is less than an hour away, or even to find spare parts. The inconvenience discourages consumers from purchasing the items. Those who state that they do use Apple Inc. products are typically the civil servants and the self-employed (Anderson, 2002). Given the fact, Apple products are still not used as often as though. Again, the price of the products play a large factor during a purchase, and people tend to stray towards products that are cost-friendly and to have help that is easily accessible if a problem were to occur.
Lastly, ethical morals were taken into consideration during the data collection and the data analysis. Apple Inc. has been under fire with the ethical issue that the company is releasing products that are under quality. The most complained Apple Inc. product is the iPhone. The antennae interference of the smart phone, when held in certain positions, makes it hard to find good reception. Along with that, there have been complaints that the newest iPhone 6 is not durable and can be easily bent, for example, in a pant pocket. This has been a large fiasco for Apple and has caused a large amount of negative publicity.
Future Strategy Implements
There are many strategies that Apple Inc. can implement such as, conducting market research to analyze its competitors and the steadiness of the market structure, developing new products that are on par with the increasing technology advances, and spreading the word of Apple Inc. products through energetic promotion through advertisement. With consumers, it is important for Apple Inc. to analyze their clients to develop new products that suit their preference and style, as well as, expanding globally to countries, so that their products are easily obtainable. By doing so, Apple Inc. can improve consumer confidence with fair prices and quality products.
After analysis of the data collected, it is recommended that Apple Inc. utilize the suggested strategies as to regain the consumers and gain new ones as well. The company is a leading producer of technological devices in the world, and need to maintain their competitive market structure, as well as to adapt to stronger mechanisms. It is also suggested that Apple Inc. take an interest in training their employees, being innovative, and to globally expand its branches.

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