The Story About the Bike

Published: 2021-07-18 22:20:07
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Bicycle is an incredible decision of transport in Finland, particularly for inhabitant of urban communities and cities. In fact 60.4% percent Finns use bicycles as their main transport. Fins ride bicycles without reference to the age or social status, both children and grown-up. In addition, bicycles are the most cherished methods for transport in Finland. On the drawback, bicycle probably won’t be utilized as an essential driving transport, if the route requires excessively effort or riding against head winds. Commuters, especially those traveling to their workplaces or students, might reject cycling because of tiredness and sweat. This problem is partially solved by electric bicycles, which assist cycler during pedalling. E-bikes help drivers to easily conquer long routes and headwind. Their primary advantage is effortless and comfortable riding experience. This makes electric bikes relevant particularly to workers who live in huge urban areas and need working out (e.g. office workers, students, elderly people). This is the motivation for our proposal to modify existing bikes targeting office workers, students and elderly people of Kokkola region.
E-bikes are the electric motor power version of motorized bicycles, which have been used since the 19th century. There are not much of certification applied for the preparation of e-bikes for general public. Contingent upon the local laws, e-bicycles are legitimately classified as bicycles opposed to mopeds or bikes. This exempts them from the more stringent law regarding the certification and operation of more powerful two wheelers which are often classified as electric bicycles. Electric bikes are one of the commodities that contributes to green environment and are regarded as environment friendly mode of transport.The sales of e-bikes in Finland has increased by 67% in 2018 comparison to 2017, selling nearly 12,000 units during the months of Jan-July. Accordingly, this venture would be truly reasonable as the requests and utilization of e-bicycles are getting expanded quickly. Furthermore, Finnish government has encouraged use of electric bicycle by providing subsidy of 400 euro. This initiative encourage firms to invest in this market and provides stable environment against unstable political interference otherwise analyzed as threat in PESTEL analysis.

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