The Story of an Hour: Plot Overview

Published: 2021-07-24 18:15:07
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The purpose of Chopin’s story is to give awareness on the lack of freedom a woman has in the world. Back in the day woman were treated differently than the woman of the 20th century. They were treated as property and had to summit to the husbands wants and needs. It was so extreme that females weren’t even allowed to have a job, own property, go on their own or even have a proper education. Everyone is created equally, and we should all be treated the same. That’s what Chopin is trying to point out in the story. She wants to elaborate on how hard it is mentally and physically for a woman to be a housewife. It is as if she is in jail and can’t get out until the “death row’ of her husband who is living life how he wants it. Even though death is an option for her freedom she is doom to have to get remarried for the sake of the country not seeing a woman being able to take care of herself. A female is viewed as weak and is sad when alone as well. Therefore, woman is labeled as too emotional because that is all they know. A good example of who freedom was stripped from the woman were the fact that they are extremely happy if the husband has passed away. As in short story, Mrs. Mallard locked herself in the bedroom after the horrible news about her husband and continued to say “free, free, free!” She was looking forward to all the endless amount of free will she was going to have wether is where she wants to travel or what he wants to eat. She smiled at all the memories she was going to make and never thought about the old memories for a moment. Regardless, of how smothered Mrs. Mallard felt with her husband she still went back and forth about how she really felt about him. She deeply loved him and knew he would do anything for her. The reasons for this is she thinks back on all the nice things he has done for her. The husband did things such as putting a roof over her head, not making her work, having food on the table always and making her feel safe. Theses were all the thing that help her survived in life. This was special to her but then there were the down falls to being married.
The quote “There would be no one to live for during those coming years; she would live for herself.” Helped convinced that Mr. Mallard felt that marriage was a trap. It seems as if there were promises and false hopes when entering the marriage and it all begin to look like a lie. In the evidence, in the story it also seems as if she had a choice to be single, she would in a heartbeat. The part where she says “And yet she had loved him – sometimes. Often, she had not. What did it matter! What could love, the unsolved mystery, count for in face of this possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being!” She didn’t care anymore about him and really wanted to throw cation to the wind. This is because she would feel young again and as her old self. She also thought a marriage was awful because of all the duties she still had to do with out accomplishing her real goals. Mrs. Mallard would finally get a degree and finally for full her careers and possibly get to meet new people. All these positive outcomes surely outweigh any marriage for her.The story ended in an ironic way because even though the husband was alive, she was already dead in the inside. This showed that he wasn’t at work and were most likely with another woman. The irony was she thought she was free but wasn’t as the end and for what? A heart breaks. What a waste she’d probably though. She is basically showing a representation of how woman give their whole life for a man that doesn’t even do the same. Men are and continue to break a woman’s heart and has been happening for years to come. It has become problematic. Chopin wants the readers to know the pain of the female aspect of life. The point she is trying to represent the change that needs to happen. This will make peace for the minds of woman and the generations to come. In conclusion, Mrs. Mallards story helped showed a glimpse of how the woman in general, herself and the author felt about woman’s Rights. That women are to be treated equally to men and be able to make up their own minds on what they want to do. The point she is trying to make is that no matter how heard you try to live for others and put your self aside they would always let you down. Even with woman’s rights and the feminine action she was probably also saying you must live life to the fullest. Do you no matter what the law was because life is not promise to no one. Another point Chopin was probably trying to make was if you work hard you should be respected as so. This must deal with getting a job and getting paid what the worker deserves. It shouldn’t depend on gender but with brains. She wanted things to change for the future generations and to have equality all around. Everyone is equal, and it should stay that way!

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