The Summary of the Book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and My Reflection

Published: 2021-07-29 18:50:07
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The story begins when Dudley’s aunt Marge comes to visit Dursley’s. Harry sees on Muggle television that a prisoner named Sirius Black has escaped. Marge insults Harry’s parents, which is why he uses magic on her. Marge inflates like a balloon which creates chaos in the house. Harry has had enough of contempt and despite the report that the dangerous killer Sirius Black is at large, he leaves the house.
He sees a shadow of a dark dog in the street so he raises his stick in fear, which summons the Knight bus. Harry goes to Leaky Cauldron (a pub) with it. In the pub was Cornelius Shushmaar, the Minister for Magic. Soon after that Harry meets the Weasleys and Hermione. They learn that Sirius Black, who escaped Azkaban, is a wizard. Before going to Hogwarts Harry has to promise to Arthur Weasley that he will not try to look for Sirius Black, because he may hurt or kill him. On a train going to Hogwarts Harry, Ron and Hermoine learn about a new teacher for defense against the Dark Arts, Remus Wulff. A Dementor boards the train which causes Harry to faint. He is woken by Professor Wulf who offered him a piece of chocolate. They later learn that Dementors will keep Hogwarts under surveillance in order to catch Sirius Black.One night Ron wakes up shouting and says that he saw Sirius Black with a knife. The linen on his bed is cut and also the picture of the Fat Lady that watches the entrance to the Gryffinfdors living room. Harry then sees and recognizes the Buckbeak, who later wounds Dreco Malfoy, but only because he challenged him. Later they try to kill him, but is saved by Harry and Hermione and he carries Sirius Black to safety.
I am a big fan of Harry Potter series because it is amazing. I like to read fiction novels and also watch films based on these books. My preference of fiction is magic. I love to picture myself in situations where I can use magic to better daily situations and the world. What I like about this certain book is its shows real raw friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione which I can relate with me and my friends. We always have eachothers backs no matter what and that is like everything you could wish for. The book is definitely a page-turner and exciting so I would recommend it to my colleagues.

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