The Superiority Big Dogs Have Over Small Dogs

Published: 2021-07-05 16:05:05
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Not all dogs are created equal, and some have it much better than others. Big dogs are superior to small dogs because of protection, endurance, and intelligence. These points that are about to be laid upon you are undeniable facts that support the superiority big dogs have over small dogs. When determining what size tail-wager is leading the pack for all around greatness, protection and security might be on the top of the list.
All dogs bark at noises or people they have not heard or seen before, but only larger dogs can utilize it. This is because larger dogs have deeper and more resounding vocal chords, and generally look scarier than an innocuous Pug or a Chihuahua. A small but helpful attribute is larger dogs can see out windows and can detect an intruder from a much farther distance when they are inside. What is more intimidating, a loud, deep bark and growl or a high pitch yipe? The answer is obvious and could be a major factor in what scares off an intruder and what does not. Another important factor in choosing what sized dog to get is its mobility, endurance and activity needs. Smaller dogs need less exercise, about thirty minutes of walking a day, and this can be done just by walking around the house. So if you are a person who lives sedentary lifestyle small dogs are a great option. But if you are someone who likes to exercise vigorously outside or just even walk for thirty minutes a day at a normal pace, large dogs are a clear winner. Let’s face it, small dogs have small legs and generally walk and run slower than their larger friends. This means any walk, run, or hike with a small dog would be done at their pace because they more than likely can not keep up with you. Smaller canines tend to be less active and typically can not keep up with you for long even if you are slugging at their pace. The single most significant component when choosing what size dog leads the pack is its intelligence. Hounds are smarter than their smaller companions for many reasons.
The main reason larger dogs are smarter is because their breeding purpose. Most hounds are bred for intelligence, which can heavily assist their training and hunting abilities. Another reason larger dogs appear to be smarter is there wider set eyes, giving them a more depth perception. This allows the dog to see where a human is pointing better than a dog with more narrow eyes. Large dogs are undeniably the champions when it comes to intelligence.
All in all, the choice is yours. Large dogs have many attributes contributing to their clear preeminence over small dogs. These oddities include protection, endurance, intelligence and many furthermore. Aspects such as cheapness and less upkeep can make small dogs better for you. You get what you pay for, and that is all that is needed to be said.

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