The True Suffering in The Pit and The Pendulum

Published: 2021-07-29 15:15:06
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Do you really think that you know what suffrage or torture is? If you think that you know what it means to suffer or what a bad torture is, that means that you have not read the story The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Alan Poe. The setting of the story is at 1400s and the story talks about how the death sentences of the inquisitorial people was and how they made people suffer. It also talked about how the actor have hope to get out of all the “traps” and have hope to escape from the dungeon. The story develops themes such as torture, agony, hope and much more.
Normally people think that torture is that what they have seen in movies or any other type of torture on TV. What they do not know is that the real torture happened at 1400s where people suffered his worst fears at the real life. In the text, the main speaker experiences torture and it clear when he says “My worst thoughts, then, were confirmed.” In the text the speaker expressed how badly it was for him to stay in the dungeon facing his worst fear and never knowing when that bad dream is going to finish or when he is going to die. Almost in the start of the story the speaker said that he cannot even stand and is almost running out of hope. His first torture, the pit, was for him one of the most agonizing because he was in total darkness and he do not knew exactly where was the pit. Evidently, not knowing where the pit was is one example of torture.Furthermore, agony for him was one of the worst thing that he suffered because he never knew when he is going to die or going to be killed. The story talks about the agony of the speaker when he was arrested and was about to have his death sentence. The narrator begins the story by recollecting his memories. He states that the first things that he says “I was sick — sick unto death with that long agony.” Markedly, the speaker shows the agony of the he felt when he had to escape of the traps like the pendulum. In addition, while the pendulum swung over him, he says, “The vibration of the pendulum was at right angles to my length.” Clearly, the worst agony for him about the pendulum is that he was going to die slowly and was going to see the pendulum going all over him slowly. Fortunately, he escaped both forms of torture which then gave him more hope to escape from the dungeon and, in the end, stay alive.
This hope was present in the speaker but, it did not last long. He began running out of hope to escape from the dungeon when facing other “traps.” When facing these new challenges, he said “Then a walking revival of soul” he later adds, “I neither hoped nor desired it to stop.” It is virtually evident that he was going to die, when — out of nowhere — he was saved by the French troops, specifically General LaSalle. In the same hand if he did not perseverate and stay with hope all the time he never was going to be saved.
Notably Poe was an awesome author and evidently because of his horror and complexity stories made his name in the American Literature. As you can see you never can give up from something as the speaker’s made in the story, even when he was about to die he did not give up and in the ending his reward was being saved. Correspondingly you can see that themes as torture, agony and hope are very strong in the text and well developed in the text. After all Edgar Allan Poe shows to everyone that his stories are very good as well as people still use this today as an example and to inspire many writers in the world.

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