The Tuft of Flowers by Robert Frost: the Nature of Isolation

Published: 2021-07-09 17:05:05
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“Your elevation may require your isolation”. This quote relates to the poem “The Tuft of Flowers” written by Robert Frost as it basically deliberately tells the story of Frost’s poem in one sentence. The poem was written in most likely 1896, his son was also born in this year leading me to believe that it might be about his son. He could have written the poem about the time before he was born. The isolation Frost may have felt from society, and nature considering the time period where there wasn’t any kind of technology. Also feeling the effects of needing to have patience for the things you want and desire the most come into life. Similar to how maybe even though Frost didn’t want to have company by the other mower in the beginning, near the end he relates and connects to him through nature. Wanting to talk to him, and have someone there. Separation from someone can ultimately bring you closer to them, through similar likes and connections.
In the “The Tuft of Flowers” Frost portrays poetic devices such as imagery, symbolism, and personification to create and sustain the readers mind to think and wonder as to what the actual meaning of the words on the paper mean. This especially stands out with his use imagery throughout the poem. For example, Frost points out a specific motion that leaves a picture in the readers head. “But [the butterfly] turned first, and led my eye to look at a tall tuft of flowers beside a brook”. I think he really paints a picture hear without actually using all 5 senses. He really connects to nature hear and all the good it carries over to him. He doesn’t really feel isolated as much now, and he may now have just laid eyes on his son for the first time. Just as he laid eyes on the flowers. He sees the beauty of growth and evolution. This example of the flowers and butterfly could also carry on over to symbolism and how both the flowers and butterfly could have a deeper meaning. Such as the butterfly symbolising freedom, rebirth, and nature. Freedom from isolation, from the depths of your own mind. Rebirth coming from being trapped in isolation as a caterpillar and spreading your wings as a butterfly and living an entirely new life. Rebirth also falling into the category of nature as some of nature’s components can be reborn. The flowers hear representing growth, and connecting to Frost in real life not only the way his son will grow, but himself as well.Lastly, personification, “Hear this long sythe whispering to the ground”. Frost finally starts to make connections to the environment around him. Sythe appearing here as it’s a part of landscape and it paves the land around him. Ultimately Frost shows a really strong presence, and leaves you thinking a lot. Frost goes a ways away to show the effects that nature and the thoughts of isolation can have on your mind. “Your elevation may require your isolation”.
This poem is really relevant to today’s society because we need to appreciate nature for what it is especially now a days because of all the harm we cause it by building new buildings, leaving few beautiful landscapes to stretch our eyes out over. This poem should be appreciated because it shows a glimpse of life back in the old ages. No technology, not as many cars, and kids would play outside most of the time. It could teach the youth just as it taught me. We also need to not let thoughts from the dark side of our minds portray how we live our life in the light, the present.

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