Time Management and Punctuality: Important Features

Published: 2021-08-04 11:15:08
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Based on the engagement of the chosen article, different traits regarding time management in nursing are evident. The identification of the underlying activities to be completed is one of the major components that affect the ability of a nurse to come up with a viable plan regarding the allocation of the necessary time. Increased comprehension of these initiatives facilitates prudent allocation of adequate time as the defining characteristic of each activity is fully discerned. The alignment of the event scope and the time required to complete the task aids in the initiation of a viable schedule regarding the undertaking of the applicable initiatives. Consequently, the element of time management is attained as the activities to be completed are efficiently organized in a transitional manner.
According to the article, one of the evident features of time management in nursing is the development of the capacity to prioritize the different activities to be completed. The authors affirmed that new nurses are subjected to a form of training as means of ensuring that they acquire the necessary capability to utilize the allocated time in an efficient manner (Nayak, 2018). Therefore, it is apparent that enhanced personal capacity to comprehend the urgency of a given activity facilitates the development of an improved time management initiatives. The existence of a criterion to identify the necessity of a given action is influential in ensuring that all activities to be completed are efficiently organized. As a result, this is instrumental in ensuring that the relevant activities to be completed are assigned the required time, which is one of the major indicators of time management.Consequently, time management in nursing infers that the transition of the activities to be completed will be efficiently accomplished due to the existence of a framework, which is essential in organizing the different operatives to be tackled (Nayak, 2018). The element illustrates that enhanced time management requires the initiation of a structure concerning the objectives based on their urgency. It ensures that clientele is offered quality healthcare services; hence, meeting their needs.
Important to note, time management in nursing involves planning and practicing to control how one spends time on specific activities (Nayak, 2018). It usually happens when a healthcare practitioner wants to increase efficiency, effectiveness, or productivity. Proper time management nursing helps nurses to work more smartly instead of harder, a technique that results in quality work in less time.
In nursing, time management is important as it enables healthcare professionals to achieve the set goals. Before doing this “topic time management”, I thought my skills of managing time were weak because I was spending more time on sleep than on studying my course on nursing. After taking the data I realized that the time I spent sleeping is almost equivalent to the time I am awake, and since the body needs sleep for between six to eight hours, I did not spend time poorly. The data showed that I slept for an average of seven hours per day and my average study and class time was 16 hours. This proved that I spend most of my time studying and relaxing the body since leisure and eating time was only two hours. As I completed the study, I realized that I spent less time socializing or meeting with friends. I also realized I wasted some time. The average leisure time was less than an hour while I lost almost two hours every day. I would consider doing the project again to see if I had reduced the time wasted. If the time wasted would be spent on leisure or meeting friends then I can achieve more in life.
While reflecting on my study habits, I realized that I never study at home. I am more comfortable studying in class or at the library. I like studying in a quiet environment and being alone. The project stated that I spent an average of two and a half hours in the library studying and thirteen and a half hours in class. One area that I thought needed improvement in my time management project is leisure time. I spend little time on leisure, an average of 30 minutes, which could prove to be problematic in the future. I waste almost two hours every day, and I can use that time to meet with friends or do other activities that I like. I realized that I spend considerable time studying and sleeping, and the only problem I have is spending time with friends. The wasted time can be used in leisure to prevent me from being a workaholic in the future.
About the article, I need to adjust how I manage time. It is essential as it will enable me to take every activity seriously and deliver my best to the clientele. Furthermore, time management skills will enable me to complete the allocated task within the allocated time; hence, enabling me to offer quality services to the clientele. Therefore, the article on time management is important as it will help me to improve how I approach nursing issues.
In conclusion, time management is one of the most valuable resources that human beings have been bestowed on. As such, individuals should wisely manage their time, since the same is non-renewable. However, time is influenced by several factors, which shape the attitude a person has towards the asset with culture being particularly influential. Notably, cultural attributes determine how one perceives time with some social orders being adept at time management while others have embraced relaxed attitudes about time management. Observation is an effective strategy that is used to study a certain phenomenon, which has been adopted to deduct the topic under review. In line with this, I noticed that some groups in class were able to complete their assigned projects in time in comparison to others due to the prudent utilization of time. Equally, since I was a member of one group, the participatory experience was necessary, which yielded useful insights on the attitudes individuals have to time. In summation, time management is a critical asset that should be employed wisely to ensure that tasks and seasons are undertaken within the appropriate timeline.

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