My Summer Internship Experience at Varun Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Published: 2021-06-26 09:00:04
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This internship report covers overall framework of Varun Beverages Pvt. Ltd. and my work experience in the company as a part of my summer internship. Varun Beverages Limited, a bottling company, engages in bottling and distribution of Pepsi. The company was incorporated in 1995 and is based in Gurgaon, India. Varun Beverages Limited operates as a subsidiary of RJ Corp Limited. The basic purpose of this paper is to present my learning outcome from the work done and assigned by my mentor at the workplace.
Varun Beverages through the merger of Varun Beverages -Cola and Frito-Lay. Tropicana was acquired in 1998. In 2001, Varun Beverages Co merged with the Quaker Oats Company, creating the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage company, with 15 brands – each generating more than $1 billion in annual retail sales. Varun Beverages Co’s success is the result of superior products, high standards of performance, distinctive competitive strategies and the high level of integrity of our people. Since the entry of Varun Beverages -Cola to India in 1989, the soft drink industry has under gone a radical change.When Varun Beverages -Cola entered, Parle was the leader with the Thums-up being its flagship brand. Other products offering by Parle included Limca & Goldspot, another upcoming player in the market was, the erstwhile bottler of Coca-Cola, “pure drinks”. Its offering includes Campa- Cola, Campa-Lemon & Campa-Orange. The various flavors and sub- brands are Varun Beverages, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon, Mountain Dew, 7UP, Slice Mango, Slice Orange, Evervess Soda and Aquafina. It has the license to supply beverages in the territories of Western U.P., part of M.P., half of Haryana, whole of Rajasthan, Goa, 3 districts of Maharashtra, 13 districts of Karnataka and whole of Nepal. The group has in total 28 bottling plants in West Bengal, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujrat and Maharashtra. (India & Nepal) and is responsible for producing and marketing 44% of Varun Beverages requirement in India. There are about 4, 50,000 soft drink retailers in India and their number is increasing day by day.
Varun Beverages Co, Inc. is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. The company’s principal businesses include:

Frito-Lay snacks
Varun Beverages -Cola beverages
Gatorade sports drinks
Tropicana juices
Quaker Foods

As of March, 2018 VBL has 20 manufacturing plants in India while during our internship we deal with the 7 plants which includes:


Product Profile of Vbl
There are Eight brands of Pepsi in India and they are differ in taste, flavor and also in their colors.
Pepsi is considered to be cold drink. It is generally preferred by all sections of consumer. This is a case cow brand for the company in terms of sales revenue.
Mirinda is considered to be lemony in taste, and comes under the light drink.
7up is a good product at Pepsi and contains at lemon flavor.
Mountain Dew
Mountain dew is also considered to be a cold drink. It is light comparison to Pepsi. It is preferred by all section of consumer but especially to teen-age. It is big source of company to cash its publicity
SLICE MANGO, in slice cold drink no gas only based on juice. It is a non-aerated soft drink. It is preferred mostly Children & Women.
In Minute maid pulpy orange cold drink no gas only based on orange juice. It is a non-aerated soft drink.
Eversses Soda
This is soda drink. It has no color and no flavor. It is generally used with alcohol and used by adults.
Aquafina water
We are working as an Intern in Varun Beverages in Finance Department. We have learned multiple work related to Purchase order, sales tax, GST RETURN in finance department of VBL.
Learned how to use SAP i.e. System Application and Product by uploading Proof of Delivery Forms (POD) in SAP and creating attachment to it. Created Excel Sheet for Sales Return of 2015-2016. Learned how to create Debit Note and Credit note Excel Sheet for the year 2015-2016.
In the above data our aim was to find out the number of pending vendors as well as pending customers. By pending we means finding out the details of the vendor and customer due to which they are unregistered. Through this we found that sandila and bargarh has maximum number of pending vendors. Analyzing the effects on total sales of the company due to the change in global temperature
Hence, we draw the conclusion that as the temperature is increasing it leads to increase total sales of the company and hence reflecting the positive trend since the slope is constantly increasing.
SWOT Analysis of Varun Beverages


Has a broader product line and outstanding reputation. Great brands, innovative capabilities and strong distribution. Number one supplier of the beverages. Varun beverages sell there product through the same distribution channel.
The market of the rural areas are somewhat remain potentialy untouched. No established competitor is the potential advantage. The niche of the market is the rural area and the plenty of opportunities are lying there.
Due to the presence of the low priced firms the competition is proving to be tougher. Aggressive advertising and promotional efforts of competitors are making a shift in the market share of the company. Due to the industrial policies and easy avail of finance the competition. Threat of competitors’ new brand entry in the market in near future. Restrictions made by Govt. agencies that soft drinks are harmful and non- nutritive.
Varun beverages is hard to inspire the direction for large global company. Varun beverages is far away from the leader coca-cola in the international market demand is highly elastic.
Production setup at greater Noida Branch of peps
Greater Noida plant in Varun beverages plant is the dedicated plant for the five major products. These are as follows:

Product filling bottle
Pepsi 2.25ltr, 2ltr, 600ml, 250ml
Mirinda 2.25ltr, 2ltr, 600ml, 250ml
Mountain Dew 2.25ltr, 2ltr, 600ml, 250ml
Slice 1.25ltr, 250ml
7-Up 250ml, 600ml
Nimbooz 250ml
Everess Soda 300ml

Today Varun beverages has pan India presence and has performed extremely well in overseas market. The group operates out of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Zambia. Diversification has been characteristic of the group right from the very inception. In the true sense, RJ Corp has grown into the Indian MNC.
Future plans of the company
To capture major parts of the Global market so as to cater to the needs of both domestic as well as the international market. To improve the productivity by effective utilization of resources. To expand the scale of production to enjoy the benefit of economies of scale i.e. to increase the level of production to reduce the per unit cost. To minimize the wastage or scrap to ensure the cost effectiveness. To further improve the quality of the product so as to become the leading supplier of Safety beverages, foods, mineral waters etc in the world.

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