We Are What We Eat:characteristics of Junk Food and Healthy Food

Published: 2021-07-31 17:45:08
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Have you ever wondered what the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ means? Think about it. What if everyone adapted the characteristics of their food? Eating foods like fast food or junk food, red meat, and fruits and vegetables all have different effects on our body. Food affects every person’s bodies differently. Do not become the couch potato we have grown to hate. Get out there and look at what you are eating, do not just crave a food or snack and then fulfil that crave. Get out there and change the way you look at food. Live healthy and be happy.
First, the term junk food is anything that is high in un wanted calories and naturally low in nutrient value. (Hammond 2018) Fast food falls into this category due to the facts that fast food is mainly processed foods. Gulf News did a study of 12 men eating their normal calories of junk food for just five days. The study showed that within just five days of junk food consumption their bodies were having trouble making energy from glucose. In long term this could very easily result in insulin reduction. Eventually it could have the potential to cause diabetes. Fast food is cheaper, but are you ready to suffer the consequences of higher BMI or type 2 diabetes? (Pieroni, Salmasi 2014)Next, red meat is are one of the major sources of protein in food. High-temperature and the doneness levels of red meat are claimed to be linked to various types of cancer. (Sinha, Rothman) Do not let this steer us away from meats. A test of forty-one personnel ages forty-four to forty-eight with a BMI of twenty-nine point nine through thirty-one point one was given a strict diet med-red pattern food that contained red meat. Then they were given a med-control food which contained lean and unprocessed beef. (O’Connor) The test resulted in a no change in mood, sleeplessness, and weight gain. Proving that red meat is not harmful to humans.
Finally, fruits and vegetables are needed to maintain healthiness and high energy levels in adults. Fruits and vegetables are strongly referred to the upkeep of health and disease prevention. (Boucher, 2015) A woman was fed up with her figure and high cholesterol so she turned to swapping the morning bagel and cheese out for an egg white omelet and apple diet to get her levels down. She was able to cut her overall weight by thirty pounds and her cholesterol was cut by 59 points. (Groopman) So the saying is true. An apple a day will keep the doctors away.
In conclusion, red meat, fruits and vegetables, and junk foods do affect your body. They all have contributing health factors. If we want to live happy and healthy change our diet up and throw out that bagel and pick up an apple. It will not hurt us. Accept the foods characteristics, we are the ones that are consuming them. Do not let the past predict our future body. Break out of the normal and stop being lazy and sitting on the couch eating junk all day and we will live healthier. Because at the end of the day you really are what you eat.

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