Weather Forecast Project Using Softwares

Published: 2021-06-29 18:20:04
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“Weather forecast project using softwares”
Generic contents. Weather and Climates
On the World, the weather and climate is always changes and different in each country and even regions. For example, The average of winter temperature in Korea and India is not only different but also different in the climate. in case of Korea snowy specific day, but India doesn’t snowy some regions like Delhi or Gurgaon. But the regions Jammu and Kashmir on India snowy specific seasons. The weather means the overall weather conditions of a short period of time and climate means includes weather. If the weather is mother and father and children, the climate is the family. Difference weather and climate is weather is the daily waiting conditions and climate is observing and averaging weather changes for a certain period of time in a region. These days weather forecasts are as important as life.History of the Weather Forecast and these days Weather Forecast
The Aristotle, who lives on ancient Greece, he wrote a book named ‘meteorology’ and although the book written on the ancient times, that accuracy is very high. And also on the Korea, There’s a saying if the ring around the moon, it means rainy soon. it comes to from long human’s life experiments and on Middle times As one of astrology, there were many cases of predicting the weather[1]. In contrast These days, the weather forecast is the techniques of the weather prediction based on data mining and dataset(Meteorological observation and Meteorological Data) Datamining means discovering new data models derived from data from databases and extracting actionable information in the future. Dateset means collection of similar or related data (data) stored for use on a computer. Provide data to the database. in this case using the meteorological observation and meteorological Data meteorological observation means refers to measuring atmospheric pressure, humidity, and wind velocity, and observing various weather phenomena such as clouds, fog and rain. and Meteorological Data means Data of wind, temperature, air, density, other phenomena and atmospheric weather factors.Conditions of Weather forecasting
These days, the common weather information and weather forecast is done on the collection of technologies.Today’s weather information uses observations from satellites/ocean/aircraft/ground sources. In modern society, meteorology is emerging as a new fourth industry using artificial intelligence, drones and satellites [2]. This project aims to study to use the various weather observations data while providing convenience to people with weather forecast.
People can also benefit from meteorological data. For example, a man in London watched the weather forecast before he went to work. And the weather forecast predicts rain after one o’clock. The person who saw it will be able to bring an umbrella and avoid getting wet in his clothes. Also, he could decide when to go out after the rain. In a larger way, when a hurricane or typhoon occurs, a person or country can use weather information to take proper action as well as information about a typhoon. And it saves a lot of lives. And also Weather data brings economic benefits to each country. For example, it provides various information for farming and fishing which are the primary industry of the nation.
In the case of farming, information such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation can help farmers determine how to plant crops, as well as prevent floods or other aforementioned typhoons. In the case of fishing, the height and temperature of waves are provided considering the rainfall and wind speed, and safety information of fishermen can be checked. The nation’s economy is further developed by primary industries that benefit from weather information. How wonderful! This project is will be implemented using the languages for analysis such as ‘R’ or python. The project study refers to weather dataset to work on temperature, humidity, precipitation, that people commonly think of in their daily lives. And the dataset will be can India or Republic of Korea or somewhere. This will analyze and visualize the dataset to derive meaningful information out from it.
Aswini.R1, Kamali.D2, Jayalakshmi.S3, R.Rajesh This research proposed using the MATLAB and the empirical statistical technique. For the predict the rainfall and use dataset extreme temperature, minimum temperature, strain, wind direction, relative humidness etc. And used Data mining techniques are capably used in rainfall forecast. It can be also used this project for the aspect of get the rainfall data from database. the different is this research paper and the project is the research paper based on the seasonal rainfall(annual) and a small part of sunshine. the project need not only the rainfall data, and it needs the daily data.
The research paper’s database technique can help the project more perfectly[4] M Ramzan Talib, Toseef Ullah, M Umer Sarwar, M Kashif Hanif and Nafees AyubThis research uses the method k-means clustering and decision tree building process.And the doing step by step using datamining technology.But this research paper cannot include expanded database with other important weather parameters and include using this weather information in agriculture sector reform with cutting edge technologies. And this method is not proper the project.[5] Rohit Kumar Yadav& Ravi Khatri, VikrantThis research is also used the k-means method. And calculate the distance between each object and each cluster center and assign it to the nearest cluster and HMM for used to model much more complex stochastic processes as compared to a traditional Markov model.
And the database used for organizing the complete system and they used observation matrix and transition matrix. This two matrix trained data model. And the system can predict the pattern data. But they need more the training time and data also[6] G.Vamsi Krishna Research scholar,This research using ARIMA process to analyze and forecast uniformly spaced uinivariate data. And also considered weather data as attributes, same my project. A data base from the meteorological department of India(IMD) Visakhapatnam Including the weather information such as the wind pressure, humidity..etc this research shows how to we use the weather data and weather parameters.[7]

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