The Continued Popularity of Grey's Anatomy Series

Published: 2021-07-04 13:35:05
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Conceivably, the most heard of show that has ever aired on the ABC network, Grey’s Anatomy is one that, when brought up in discussion, draws the attention of about any discourser or TV viewer immediately. The TV show seems to have caused an endless amount of controversy when dealing with individuals who state their own opinion about whether it is time for the show to stop creating more seasons or actually keep striving forward with more. With a whopping 14 seasons, 317 episodes, and over a frame of 13 years, Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running drama in ABC’s records. And what makes it even more astonishing is how on September 27th, 2018, season 15 gets released. That’s another 24 episodes. It seems like season 15 is ready, swords drawn, in hopes of adding more popularity and interest to the tremendous ABC legacy involving the show. Of course, with a show that has been watched worldwide, people may have one question; shouldn’t it be time for Grey’s Anatomy to end?
I find that many people wonder how the show is still thriving. Even I myself have debated on whether Grey’s Anatomy was as golden and enticing as it seems to be in order to last so long. So how come Grey’s Anatomy is still airing and becoming even more popular than before? The belief that most people uphold is that any show, no matter how good, eventually must experience a fall out and die. Well, they couldn’t have been more defective in their judgement. In fact, over the years involving new seasons, new characters, and new plots, Grey’s Anatomy’s nature has enhanced and intensified over time. The outcome is not too surprising. The show has in fact skyrocketed, showing a frenzy of high ratings. Grey’s Anatomy was first aired in 2005. The show’s focus was on the life of a new intern named Meredith Grey who participated in a ‘‘hook-up’’ with a neurologist named Derek Shepherd, also known as “McDreamy”, the night before her new job. During the short time she spent with Derek, she hadn’t received the chance to learn anything about him or how he was a highly-respected doctor. So, the morning after Meredith’s one-night stand, she encounters Dr. Shepherd again. And what do you know, it happens to be at Seattle Grace Hospital where she was assigned to be working and where he currently works. And so, the drama begins. From the first season of Grey’s, we are introduced to multiple key characters such as the first-year interns, George O’Malley, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, Meredith Grey, and Alex Karev, as well as important doctors such as Dr. Preston Burke, Dr. Miranda Bailey, Dr. Richard Webber, Dr. Derek Shepherd, Dr. Callie Torres, and Arizona Robbins. It is seen right away how there is an evenly distributed amount of ethnical diversity among the cast in the show.
The show includes and accepts all different kinds of cultures, upbringings, and sexual perspectives which make up individual characters. With society’s view on the world always changing, Grey’s made an amazing choice to include all races, genders, and sexual interests into the plot. The partnership between Dr. Callie and Dr. Arizona is an amazing instance of the sexual preferences that are used in Grey’s Anatomy since they have a lesbian relationship. Another example used is how there are a decent number of female surgeons of all colors. This is especially important in present day because women are continuing to fight for equality such as getting paid the same amount a male would get paid for doing the same job.
Unlike Code Black whose main focus is upon the serious and brilliant certified doctors, Grey’s Anatomy focuses on the interns and how they fight for what they want to achieve during their time spent in the hospital. With this focus, it opens the show to a youthful audience instead of just an older one. And with a younger audience, the characters and the viewer should be able to connect on a few levels when dealing with struggles and fears. The term “doctor” uses comes with the assumption that the medical profession is indeed a “professional,” and with that comes the belief that he/she may never make an error in judgement. However, throw newbie interns into the mix in a highly-stressed situation and they are prone to make a mistake. It’s just expected. A very serious example is when intern Izzie Stevens falls in love with a patient of hers of the name Denny Duquette. Denny is in need of a heart transplant and without the transplant soon, he was expected to die. With Izzie hearing her loved one straight out pleading her to cut his wire that would end his life, she complies and in turn, technically murders her patient. This is such a major mistake that Izzie ends up getting fired from the program and is lucky enough to not get arrested and thrown in jail for life. Not only was Izzie’s mistake a serious example of interns being able to mess up, it also was an example of how the plotline and story is created.
Throughout the TV show, the hospital and its employees experience unbelievable yet realistic tragedies to add a sense of freshness. The show does contain drama and humor; however, it also contains the ability to make the viewer surprised and horrified.

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