Why I Wish to Obtain a University Education and Why I Am Deserving of a Scholarship

Published: 2021-07-07 07:00:05
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Firstly, the reason I wish to obtain a university education is to lessen the financial burdens on my family. I wish that the money that my parents spent on me for the university fees can be used on my 16 years old sister instead. She is still young and soon she will enter polytechnics after her O’s level. I hope that she can pursue her diploma happily instead of having to worry about money while she is still studying. I am persistent in everything I do. Last year at this same period of time, I have also applied for SIMGE scholarship with my Singapore Polytechnic diplomas. Unfortunately, I was not selected. However, I refused to believe that I am not worthy.
This year, I would like to apply the scholarship again together with my year 1 UOL transcripts, to prove that my persistence will be paid off. Also, thankfully there is one of me. This means that the chances of someone else entering the exact same scholarship application as mine is highly unlikely. I feel that it is my choice to find a way to highlight the special qualities that I have in me, so that I can be outstanding as well. Like I have said, I have overcome one of the biggest obstacles in my life. I believe that there is something that I cannot control in life but I will still do my part and try harder to prove them wrong. I have met a lot of obstacles to where I am today, but those obstacles gave me strength and taught me to appreciate the truly important things in life.I think that contribution can start small, it can be as little as following the rules and regulation of the school and maintaining a good image for the school. I feel that all work should be done with complete dedication and best possible way, no matter how little the work is. Besides, I am very self-motivated, when I see that something needs to be done, I take it upon myself to do it. For instance, when I was in my polytechnic cca club, I volunteered actively for a few times to take up the role of a facilitator for bonding camps. I always love the satisfaction of being able to help out in an organisation or a school programme. Nonetheless, I feel that creating a culture of kindness and helpfulness is necessary to the school. It is not only a selfless way to help others, it can also help to enhance one’s own relationships, health and happiness. I can do things like sharing of notes within a lecture and helping students with their work or paying full attention in lecture halls and showing respects to the lecturers. Moreover, I feel that word of mouth is one of the most effective way to allow more exposure of the school’s new programs to the community. One way to increase the student population is through word of mouth where students can promote their universities to friends who are fresh grads from Junior College or Polytechnic.
Another important factor to be taken in when it comes to students choosing their universities would be the campus image. An effective way to enhance the school image and reach out to the fresh grads would be through the social media platforms. I know that SIMGE has an Instagram account, which is one of the most popular social media platforms among the younger generations. However, I do feel that the school can do better in creating a visually pleasing Instagram feed. For instance, maintaining a consistent look to make the overall feels good. When students research about a school, they will find that SIMGE is putting extra efforts not only on school websites, but on social media platforms as well. This could be one creative way to recruit new students as well as increasing the student populations.

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