Why Law Enforcements Are Despised for Just Doing Their Job

Published: 2021-07-04 04:30:04
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Law enforcements are despised and are under constant attack for just doing their job. Many police officers are starting a movement called “Blue Lives Matter”. This movement is for law enforcement to be respected more and not looked at as people who abuse their power. Many people think that Police kill more of certain races than others which is not true. It seems today that if one cop screws up that all the police force is looked down upon. Stricter laws are coming to play for gun rights and non lethal weapons for the officers. Statistics show that about 52% of people killed by police are white, 26% are black, and 17% are Hispanic.
Many people believe that police target a certain race which is usually the black community. From the percentages above we can see that this is not true at all, the race with the most deaths are white. This shows that no certain race is targeted which defeats the facts that cops more kill black people than other races. As of June in 2018, 211 white people have been shot to death, 102 black, and 68 hispanics . The numbers of deaths due to shootings have gone down from last year over 50%. At this rate we won’t need to make stricter gun laws and will only have to use non lethal tools to take someone down when needed. In Dallas Texas, on April 2017, a white police officer shot and killed a unarmed black 15 year male old after the boy was leaving a party. The officer said that he started taking shots at the car the boy was in for the officers partners safety, the boy was killed instantly. A lot of time if one officer messes up then the whole law enforcement group will be looked down upon. After this incident occurred it brought up the topic of police brutality and racism. Many people revolted against the police force which made all of the, officers looked at as horrible people who are all racist and abuse their power. Another example of a cop screwing up causing the rest of the law enforcement to look lousy took place in New York on July 17, 2014. A man named Eric Garner was killed by police after they accused him of selling untaxed cigarettes. Eric argued and asked why he was being arrested then the police took him to the ground. There a cop held him in a chokehold until he later died. This officer used a technique which was banned by the NYPD which was the chokehold. Due to this it caused people nationally to view all officers as cruel for just the mistakes of just one officer. Many laws are becoming stricter which may cause police fatal shooting to decrease. When purchasing a firearm laws have made the seller’s do strict background checks and making rules for open and conceal carry in public.
Police have to go through months of training for to know safety and law. This decreases the use of the firearm in situations that you would not need to use it. Officers are also trained to use other forms of weapons to stop someone other than just the use of their firearm. Examples of there are pepper spray, baton, taser, rubber bullet gun, tear gas, and their hands. These non-lethal tools decrease the use of the firearm which in return leads to a decrease in deaths. Most situations that officers need to take someone down usually involves one of these non-lethal weapons.
The police force can be viewed as racist and people who abuse their power and there are some incidents where that actually does happen. People are taking action and are helping to make laws stricter and encouraging the use of other tools then the firearm. If one officer screws up then he or she will have to face the consequence of their actions so don’t look at the rest of the officers in a negative way. Some officers will do nothing wrong and will be hated for what they do just because they are a part of the police force. Let’s view these officers as people who help to keep peace and who look out for us when we are in trouble or in need.

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