Why Maze Runner Need to Have Age Requirement

Published: 2021-06-30 19:10:05
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Maze runner, the book that very famous to a lot of people including me. It talks about Thomas, a random guy been sent into the place call the maze. Inside there, he met a lot of people inside the maze including the leader Alby and his friend Minho, newt and the mad guy Garry and other people. Together, everyone try everything to escape a scary maze which also include some scary monster name the griever.
The book been very success and it even translate into the movie call the maze runner and it also been very successful with three hundred forty eight million dollars in the box office with budget only thirty four million dollars, this is show that the franchise is very been successful and have attraction to the audience. Although The book is very nice and good but don’t you think it a little bit over bad something? Like the creature don’t you think kids about some age like under thirteenth or fourteenth read about this will always have the nightmare about that creature aren’t you think about that? That is why I think about maze runner is a good book but it really need to have age requirement to kid that reading it.Maze runner is a good book and popular that tell us about the adventure of Thomas and his friend try to escape the mystery and dangerous maze. In the story, Thomas is the main character and he is the central of the story. He is the person who persuasive everyone to get out the maze after stay inside their for too long, he is the one who is bring hope to people or in another word everyone in the story consider Thomas as the chosen one after he killed the griever. And by using third person way to tell the story give the audience the big more visual about how Thomas become the chosen one to bring everyone out the maze make the maze runner story become more popular and famous. In real life, maze runner consider a very successful franchise after selling more than three million copies and consider as NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING.
How do I know it really become popular simple, the cover of the book say the first book in the new York times bestselling series from that in my opinion, I consider the book is very popular because three million people bought this book already and three million is not a small number by any means so I consider it very popular. In another way, if it not popular, how is it become the blockbuster and gave 20th century fox about 348 million when the budget only about 34 million to made the movie. that is the how the maze runner is consider as a good, popular and famous book but in another hand don’t you think it contain something that not really fit for some kids? Although maze runner is a good book and popular but it really need to have age consideration, at least between age of 13 or up.
Why it need to at least between age 13 or up? Only because it too violent. Why is it too violent? The kid in the age about ten to eleven read this book and later on his burn the book. Why is he burn the book? He say it too violence. But how the book is too violent? The reason make the book very violent, let me summary the book like this. adult bring people inside the maze to test their of skill of survive and maybe I consider those people as a kid because in the story, the director didn’t describe the age for the character in the story. Would you led your kid read about the book that adult or company, bring children or maybe teenager to the maze to fight with a monster that have sharp teeth and all of it body was surround by something sharp and blubber. Would you led your kid read about this? In my opinion, if you lead your kid read about this, then I pretty sure one thing, your kid will have a lot of nightmare about someone will bring them to somewhere and experiment them like Hitler try to experiment to Jews people. In another way, It also maybe cause into anti-family because you don’t want your kid read about the things that maybe separate your kid with the family right? If you still not consider about those and still let your kid read this and then maybe you are in the big trouble.
If you not consider kid age about reading this book, then in the future your kid may have some mentor problem like more aggressive or more violence to each other like friends or even to family member. I consider it for a lot of reason. First, in the page called commonsense media review, there are two sides, one side for parent review and one side is kid review. In the parent review a lot of people said it have good dystopia, good trilogy good here, good there, but in the kid way review, they said that the book is still but it way to violence.

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