Why We Need an Hour Every Day from Our Phones

Published: 2021-06-27 01:15:03
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Having a smartphone in the today’s world is essential as they make our lives so much easier. While smartphones play various important roles in our lives, there are a growing number of studies that reveals the excessive use of smartphones can negatively affect our physical, social and intellectual lives. Most people are not aware of the addictive nature of smartphones. In fact, many people believe that technology addiction cannot happen to them. Try to remember the last time you went a few hours without your phone. Chances are you felt uncomfortable, worried or even anxious. Spending just an hour from your phone every day can greatly increase the quality of your life.
It’ll make you happier Studies have shown spending an hour from our phones can greatly increase our emotional stability and general happiness. Excessive use of mobile phones leads to loneliness, low self-esteem and increased feelings of anxiety. Social media like Facebook can contribute to low self-esteem as we continuously compare our realities with the highlights of other people’s lives. Most people only post about the perfect highlights of their lives. This subconsciously makes people feel bad about their lives. The stress that comes from worrying about how many likes or tweets you got on a photo can also be overwhelming. Take a break from all these things and remind yourself of crucial life moments you should be enjoying instead.It enhances your relationships Our phones can completely take priority over so many things in our lives including our relationships. Likewise, incessantly checking our phones negatively affects the quality of our relationships as it makes us seem less relatable. An hour break from our phones greatly enhance our relationships as it enables us to pay more attention to our family and friends
It gives you a break Another very important reason for turning off your phone is to give yourself a break. The break gives you chance to decompress and recharge. While smartphones connect us to the world, keeping up can be a bit overwhelming. So, take an hour break every day to enjoy the closest things to you. Enjoy your environment, your errands or even your food without taking a picture. The break from your phone is also good for your eyes, neck, and posture which work toward improving your overall health.
It increases concentration Smartphones notifications and messages disrupt tasks such as studying or working. Having our phones around all the time diminishes our focus on a particular task. An hour break from your phone also increases your work-life balance. The constant distractions can make our work less effective. To increase your concentration, focus all your attention on one thing during your one hour break from your phone. Taking a break for an hour daily from our phones enables us to focus on one thing for an hour increasing our concentration which makes us more efficient in our daily tasks.
It gives you space to do more things An hour break from your phone everyday gives you a break to focus on yourself. When you have your phone on, there are so many things that could grab your attention taking time from yourself. Some things that you can do on the break away from your phone include; working out, reading a good book, mediating, face to face conversations with friends/family, Those are 5 reasons why we need an hour a day without our phones so go ahead and disconnect from your phone every day.

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